2013 Prediction – It’s a Mad, Mad, Mobile World

You don’t have to be Nostradamus to predict (correctly) that the shift from personal computers to mobile devices will be the dominant trend in 2013. But the specifics of that transformation – and its impact on security – may surprise us yet.

New Year’s Resolution: Hacking: The New Internationalism

Last up in our New Year’s Resolution interview series is Gabriella (Biella) Coleman, a trained anthropologist, Coleman is the Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological Literacy in the Art History and Communication Studies Department at McGill in Montreal, Canada. She just released her first book, “Coding Freedom: The Aesthetics and the Ethics of Hacking” from Princeton University Press, which was based on her Ph.D research into hacking culture and is now working on a new book on Anonymous and digital media.

Xconomy Interviews Veracode CEO Bob Brennan

In a recent post from Xconomy, Gregory T. Huang sat down with Veracode CEO Bob Brennan for a quick interview. The two talked about industry tipping points, how Veracode technology and strategy differs from our competitors and Bob’s unique insight on leadership and company culture.

New Year’s Resolution: Do Software Better

Assuming our civilization isn’t swept away in a Mayan apocalypse, 2012 will soon give way to a New Year. And, with it, new challenges. To get a sense about what those might be, Veracode called three noted security experts – many newsmakers in their own right – and asked them to gaze into the crystal ball and see what might await us in the New Year.

Verafied: Q&A With NSFOCUS

Answered by Vann Abernethy
Senior Product Manager at NSFOCUS

1. Tell us briefly about what NSFOCUS is all about.

NSFOCUS is a global leader in active perimeter security. Our products and systems are crucial to some of the largest brand names and financial institutions and have been for more than a decade.

Enterprise Testing of Applications is a Growing Trend

One of the things we clearly see in our platform is that more vendor applications are being tested. Our SoSS reports are not based on surveys that collect opinions, it is an analysis of data aggregated from companies as they test and secure their applications. Our platform tracks whether an application is being tested as part of an enterprise effort to test vendor software. The number of vendor apps tested is rising every quarter.

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