5 Tips for Information Security with Sandy

Most information security tips deal with protecting your business and private data from malicious attacks but what should you do when the threat comes from Mother Nature herself in the form of an unpredictable Frankenstorm? The following 5 tips will help you prevent any loss of data and damage otherwise to your IT infrastructure.

451 Research Declares VAST Program a One-Stop Shop for Enterprise Application Security

In a new report by 451 Research, the enterprise IT innovation firm our new VAST program is highlighted for it’s ability to lower the barriers of application security testing for enterprises. Says CEO Bob Brennan;

“VAST was created to increase the security of buying software. We work with enterprises to define the level of security they should expect and then we work with their vendors to see that those expectations are met.”

RIT InfoSec Awareness an Interview With Ben Woelk

A short while ago I stumbled onto the Twitter account of an Information Security Awareness program at my alma mater the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). I was immediately impressed by the following they had among their social networks and after digging a bit deeper into their activities I couldn’t help but reach out to Ben Woelk who manages the group and generously agreed to an interview with us.

Small Business Online Security Infographic from NCSA

Last week the National Cyber Security Alliance published this great infographic in collaboration with Symantec on the topic of Small Business Online Security. With more small businesses leveraging web applications and collecting and storing customer data online the need for cybersecurity awareness has never been greater. The graphic is a part of NCSA’s awareness campaign for National Cyber Security Awareness Month, visit their website staysafeonline.org to catch up with the rest of their efforts!

Application Development in the Classroom

Earlier this year during the summer we were contacted by Jack Stansbury, a Computer Science and Math teacher working at Poolesville High School in Maryland. He was in the process of getting a class on the subject of writing mobile applications approved by the school board and implemented in his and the surrounding districts and he wanted to know if he could print and use one of our infographics “How Mobile Apps Are Invading Your Privacy” as collateral for his classes. We thought Jack’s idea was awesome and were happy to print the infographics and send them his way free of charge, in return he has generously written up the following on his new course!

Chasing Shadows in the IT Supply Chain

Has our security been compromised before the shrink wrap is even off the box?

The U.S. House of Representatives went on record this month with a warning to U.S. industry of the danger of compromised supply chains. But getting to the bottom of the supply chain threat will require more than just tough talk.

Patching Up the Patch Process

Travis Emmert of Veracode is credited in the latest Oracle Critical Patch update for reporting nine Web application vulnerabilities in Oracle Fusion Middleware, Imaging and Process Management. After talking to Travis about how he found the vulnerabilities, what he found, and Oracle’s advisory release process I thought this material would make for a good blog post. I asked Travis to take a few moments to write about this experience.

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