Automating Good Practice Into The Development Process

I’ve always liked code reviews. Can I make others like them too? I’ve understood the benefit of code reviews, and enjoyed them, for almost as long as I’ve been developing software. It’s not just the excuse to attack others (although that can be fun), but the learning—looking at solutions other people come up with, hearing […]

CERF: Classified NSA Work Mucked Up Security For Early TCP/IP

Internet pioneer Vint Cerf says that he had access to cutting edge cryptographic technology in the mid 1970s that could have made TCP/IP more secure – too bad the NSA wouldn’t let him! Did the National Security Agency, way back in the 1970s, allow its own priorities to stand in the way of technology that […]

Hell is Other Contexts: How Wearables Will Transform Application Development

Wearable technology is in its infancy. But don’t be fooled: the advent of wearables will fundamentally change the job of the application developer. Here’s how. There’s no doubt about it: wearable technology is picking up steam. But as wearables gain traction with consumers and businesses, application developers will need to tackle a huge, new challenge, […]

A Geek Eye On The Car Guy?

We don’t know what the world will look like when everybody drives a ‘connected car.’ But that shouldn’t keep us from making it clear who is responsible for the integrity of the software they run. Some of the biggest and most exciting technological transformations anywhere are taking place in the auto industry. Long a technology […]

RSA Perspective: Is It Time For A Cyber Safety Board?

We have government agencies to monitor the safety of cars, roads, bridges and air travel. What’s so special about cyber? If you caught the headlines last week, you might have read about the developing scandal over a fatal problem with ignition switches in General Motors cars? The automaker has been forced to recall 1.37 million […]

Stuck in the Cold: Not ALL the Cool Kids go to RSA

So once again, I’m not attending RSA. While my counterparts are working our booth in their new Veracode kicks, and meeting with customers, I’m perusing the RSA conference videos and podcasts for interesting things to read. The Risk and Responsibility in a Hyper-Connected World podcast got my attention – mostly because it promised some research: “Findings and perspective […]

When is a Security Breach Not a Security Breach?

UK supermarket giant Tesco was in the news recently for the wrong reasons after details of 2,240 customer accounts appeared on Pastebin. Tesco moved quickly to suspend the accounts in question, but an unlucky few did have store vouchers stolen; not to mention email addresses and passwords on display for the world to see. This […]

Application Security at RSA: The Coming Storm

The push for more and better application security bumps up against another trend: data ambition. North America’s information security royalty will be in San Francisco next week for The RSA Security Conference. It’s the security industry’s biggest, annual conference. And, like the information security industry itself, RSA is booming. The topic of application security – […]

It Eats Application Threats for Breakfast – and It Eats 24/7

Application security is hard. It’s big and complex. And it just might be “the last frontier” for cyber-security (at least for now). Unlike network or endpoint security, you can’t just put another box on the network to secure the application layer. For one thing, there are people and processes involved — developers in São Paulo and Sri […]

See Veracode at RSA 2014!

Veracode will be at RSA 2014 February 24-28. Come learn about best practices for securing your enterprise from application-layer attacks – including web, mobile, legacy and third-party applications. You will find us in Booth #3521 in Moscone North Hall. You can learn why our cloud-based platform is a simpler and more scalable way to reduce […]

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