Vulnerability Response Done Right

Here’s a feel good story to start the new year. Just before the holidays, we detected a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability while running a web application scan for one of our customers. Nothing special about that; we detect thousands of these things every week. But as we discussed this particular finding, we noticed that the […]

The Thought Leader… One Year Later

When we last left our intrepid hero, he was embarking on an quest to become an information security thought leader. A year has passed; let’s see how he’s doing! Enjoy.

State of Software Security, Volume 4

Today we’re releasing Volume 4 of our semi-annual State of Software Security report. This edition incorporates data from 9,910 application builds (twice as many as last time) analyzed via our cloud-based platform over the past 18 months. In this edition, we also discuss how the threat landscape has evolved during 2011 and how we’ve adapted […]

Which of the 10 Big Breaches in 2011 Were Application Security Related?

Dark Reading published an list of 10 big breaches in 2011. Dark Reading said, “No one was immune: not social networks, not financial institutions, and not even security firms.” I thought I would take a look at how many of these breaches were due to an application vulnerability. These are the breaches that most likely […]

Putting Trust in Software Code

Seven years ago when we were first embarking on the mission of making static analysis useable, scalable, and able to operate without access to source code, automated static binary analysis was a new concept. There were human operated disassemblers, but the ability to do large scale, highly repeatable static binary analysis was an unknown. At […]

Stay Cool, Nobody is Calling Your Baby Ugly

Let me start by saying I have a great deal of respect for Dinis Cruz. He’s tremendously passionate about application security and has made numerous contributions to the community through his involvement with OWASP. We even sat on a panel together recently. But I was taken aback by a presentation he gave at OWASP AppSec […]

Common Hazards That Cause Home Fires

Today I have a guest commentary on the changes in security landscape since 2001 in Threatpost. So as I look back over the last 10 years I don’t see much of a change in the vulnerability-scape, if you will, but in the threat landscape. New classes of attackers have gone mainstream and global. They are […]

Musings on Custer’s Last Stand

Let’s not mince words: this rambling diatribe from Oracle’s CSO is aimed directly at Veracode. No need for a cutesy acronym; we’re the only company with true static binary analysis technology, delivered as a service. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s try to cut through the rhetoric (in just over a […]

When In Rome (Or When At Caesars…)

It’s that time of year again… A time when all the most interesting people, ideas, concepts, and attacks are on display in Las Vegas. That’s right, we are talking about Blackhat USA and associated conferences. Every year about a week before conference time, all the security analysts, researchers, and talking heads begin to espouse their […]

Call For Papers on Software Static Analysis

Call for Papers IEEE Security & Privacy Software Static Analysis Abstract submissions due: 15 Aug. 2011 Final submissions due: 15 Sept. 2011 Publication date: May/June 2012 Secure and reliable software is hard to build, but the costs of failure are steep. Data breaches caused by attackers exploiting vulnerabilities in software made many headlines in 2011 […]

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