Upcoming Webinars: May 2013

We have a rich history of running webinars at Veracode but it seems that recently we’ve been doing more in house and via partner channels. Going forward you’ll see a monthly update like this post detailing all our anticipated online events to hopefully make you aware of our webinars sooner and help you plan for attendance if you’re interested. Without further ado here’s the slate of webinars for the remainder of May!

How Do You Influence the Security Posture of Your Business’s Third-party Applications?

I recently came across an interesting blog post by a team member at Acunetix that addressed a challenge many enterprises are facing when it comes to securing third-party components. This is a pretty hot topic in certain circles these days, and understandably so – studies have suggested that as many as 65% of an enterprise’s mission critical applications are developed externally. Additionally, Veracode research shows that a typical internally developed applications contains somewhere between 30% and 70% of externally developed code, indicating that even internally developed apps are utilizing code originating outside of their own walls.

#TalkingCode: Ask Chris Wysopal and Josh Corman Your Questions

Tomorrow Veracode co-founder and CTO/CISO Chris Wysopal, and Josh Corman co-founder of Rugged Software and Director of Security Intelligence at Akamai Technologies will be filming a video segment with Paul Roberts of The Security Ledger. The trio will be chatting about a variety of topics trending in the Appsec field including but not limited to; recent changes to the OWASP Top 10, security of third party software components, and industry culture.

Can You Name the Members of the Veracode Research Team?

Our entire Research team is in town this week for a round table catch up and this fun artist’s rendition of them materialized. Given that I haven’t personally met them all I was unable to identify a few of them by these cartoons. I figured I’d turn to our trusty community to help me out, comment below if you you think you know an avatar’s human counterpart with the number next to them and their full name.

Developers need more training programs like SAFECode

A developer’s main goal usually doesn’t include creating flawless, intrusion proof applications. In fact the goal is usually to create a working program as quickly as possible. Programmers aren’t security experts, and perhaps they shouldn’t be. But when 70% of applications failing to company with enterprise security standards (data from Veracode SoSS vol 5), it is clear more attention needs to be given to secure programming techniques.

Executable Archaeology: The Case Of The Stupid Thing Eating All My RAM

Everyone has had that dreaded experience: you open up the task manager on your computer… and there’s a program name you don’t recognize. It gets worse when you google the name and can’t find a concrete answer on what it is and why it’s there. It gets even worse when you remove it from Autoruns and it comes back. It gets terrible when you realize it has keylogger functionality. The icing on the cake, however, is when the mystery program is also eating up all your RAM.

Enterprise Application Security with Evan Fromberg

UBM Tech Director of Content, Jonas Tichenor, interviews Evan Fromberg, Senior Director of Channel Sales and Business Development at Veracode. The interview hits the topics of enterprise application security, marketplace challenges in appsec and the partner program at Veracode. A transcript of the interview is available in the full post.

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