5 Best Practices in Data Breach Incident Response

It goes without saying that all IT organizations should have an active Incident Response (IR) Plan in place – i.e. a policy that defines in specific terms what constitutes an information security incident, and provides a step-by-step process to follow when an incident occurs. There’s a lot of good guidance online about how to recruit […]

Secure Development – One Bathroom Break At A Time

Google went to great lengths to educate their developers about the benefits of security testing – even developing educational materials specifically to be read on the toilet. There’s enough evidence in favor of the use of security testing throughout the development cycle as to make “debates” about it moot. Still, many software development operations still […]

Dispelling the “What Mobile Security Threat?” Myth

Post 1 of 6: Dispelling Mobile App Security Myths – Myth #1 This is post one in a series on Mobile Application Security. Mobile applications are everywhere. The growth of enterprise mobile apps in the past few years has been absolutely staggering. Forrester Research reports that 23 percent of the workforce has downloaded 11 or […]

Use Software Suppliers as Force Multipliers

One of the most alarming facts of modern software, considering the deep insecurity of most software, is the degree to which it is composed of many other software components of varying origin and unknown security. Almost every enterprise software portfolio has internally developed, purchased, outsourced and open source software; but almost every application in a […]

Stop Freaking Out About Facebook Messenger

Facebook recently announced that mobile chat functionality would soon require users to install Facebook Messenger. Fueled by the media, many people have been overreacting about the permissions that Messenger requests before taking time to understand what the true privacy implications were. In a nutshell, Messenger is hardly an outlier relative to the other social media […]

5 Things You Can Do With the Veracode API

When you use the Veracode API you get an economy of scale through automation. One customer uploaded and scanned 100 applications concurrently over a weekend. Another one scheduled monthly recurring scans. “Application programming interface” (API) is more than jargon. It is the industrial revolution (automation) meets the information age (your application security intelligence). Here are […]

The Rise of Application Security Requirements and What to Do About Them

As an engineering manager, I am challenged to keep pace with ever-expanding expectations for non-functional software requirements. One requirement, application security, has become increasingly critical in recent years, posing new challenges for software engineering teams. In what manner has security emerged as an application requirement? Are software teams equipped to respond? What can engineering managers […]

Coming to a computer near you, SQL: The Sequel

It might sound like a bad movie, but it’s playing out in real life – despite what seems like endless hacks using SQL injections, SQLi related breaches keep turning up like a bad penny. Most recently, Hold Security reported that they discovered a breach by Russian Hacker Ring. While details of this series of breaches […]

Put Your Efforts Where They Do the Most Good

When doing anything challenging whether it’s a diet or writing a book, the hardest part can be figuring out where to start. Addressing software supply chain security is no different. The typical organization has 390 business critical applications that are supplied by third parties, to say nothing of the multitudes of marketing web sites, operational […]

Address Proof of Software Security for Customer Requirements in 4 Steps

The world’s largest enterprises require proof of software security before they purchase new software. Why? Because third-party software is just as vulnerable to attack as software developed by internal teams. In fact, Boeing recently noted that over 90 percent of the third-party software tested as part of its program had significant, compromising flaws. As a […]

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