2011 Event Roundup

2011 has been a busy year for Veracode on the event circuit. The Veracode team has spoken at nearly 200 industry events this year. We racked up frequent flyer miles, collected a rainbow assortment of conference badges, and generally had fun presenting to all of you that attended the year’s major (and minor) industry and […]

The Thought Leader… One Year Later

When we last left our intrepid hero, he was embarking on an quest to become an information security thought leader. A year has passed; let’s see how he’s doing! Enjoy.

Is Code Quality Seasonal?

Congratulations to Fergal Glynn for having his first guest post placed on ThreatPost.com – see it here: http://threatpost.com/en_us/blogs/quality-coding-takes-break-holidays-why-122011 In this post Fergal asks if developer code quality is seasonal? Fergal used the State of Software Security data set to analyze applications in early stages of the development life cycle. He examined application size and a […]

Veracode Hackathon!

For a few days after the 2011.6 Release, Veracode’s Development & Research teams hosted our first ever Hackathon. It’s been a productive year for us at Veracode, and after six product releases and a record number of applications scanned, we felt like it was a great opportunity for us to see what creative ideas our […]

Backdoors and Beyond

Backdoors! But wait, there’s more… You recently heard our CTO, Chris Wysopal discuss in his blog post the warnings issued by ICS-CERT on backdoors in a standard network module for control systems. The type of equipment was the Schneider Electric Quantum Ethernet Module. You can read more about the full warning here. Chris went on […]

Is Personal Information Safe in the Cloud?

Those of you in the Boston area may have seen Veracode’s very own Chris Eng (VP of Research) on the local CBS news Monday night. Chris is featured in a story about storing personal information in the cloud. Chris discusses best practices and advises users about operating and storing documents in the cloud. We think […]

ICS-CERT Warns of Backdoors in Standard Network Module

ICS-CERT warns of backdoors in a standard network module for control systems. The type of equipment is the Schneider Electric Quantum Ethernet Module. Both static passwords and a remotely accessible debug service were found. Backdoors in industrial control systems These backdoor revelations in industrial control equipment are becoming frequent. Earlier this year Dillion Beresford found […]

Why are False Positives a Costly Headache for Enterprises?

Hello World! I’ve recently joined Veracode as a product marketing manager. One of my responsibilities to respond to customer questions about Veracode, what we do and why we do it. So I thought it would be a good idea to blog about some of the common and/or recent questions I’ve been getting. So here goes […]

The SoSS is Bitter

Veracode recently published the 4th Volume of our State of Software Security report or SOSS as we affectionately call it around here. We have been making SOSS since early 2010 and we serve up a new offering every six months. Our goal is simple – give a taste of the state of application security as […]

About Veracode’s December Platform Release

On Thursday night, Veracode released its sixth major platform update of 2011 (affectionately known as “2011.6″). Read about a few of the items in the release in detail and learn about how they make our customers’ lives easier and their applications more secure.

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