Secure Development Awards: Q&A With the Winners

Earlier today we announced the winners of our first ever Secure Development Awards. For those that haven’t heard of our new awards this quote from our Co-Founder Chris Wysopal sums it up nicely; “We’ve created this award to recognize developers’ successes in properly implementing security features during the software development lifecycle…” Read more about our Secure Development Award winners!

Black Hat 2012: Best Giveaways and Booths

Veracode’s remedy for the Application Security headache is in full swing at the Black Hat Conference. Swing by the booth (#229) and you can pick up an “I <3 Binaries” t-shirt, some Veracode Vitamins, a Water Bottle, or a chance to win $1,000. But we aren’t the only great booth here at Black Hat this year; quite a few security vendors have gone all to create great themes and fun giveaways. See our picks!

Christien Rioux: Speaking at Black Hat Briefings USA 2012

I’ll be speaking at Black Hat Briefings in Las Vegas this year, on “Lessons Of Static Binary Analysis”. The talk will be a two hour intensive workshop covering the details of binary transformation that make Veracode possible. The topics will range from an introduction to decompilation theory, to the details of how to build an […]

Veracode Research at BlackHat 2012

It’s that time of year again. Veracode’s security research team and our Chief Scientist will be at the Vegas cons in force this year engaging in the usual roguery. Here’s where to see us speaking: Christien Rioux, “Lessons of Binary Analysis”, BlackHat, July 26, 10:15am Zach Lanier and Andrew Reiter, “Mapping and Evolution of Android […]

AppSec Weekly News Roundup 7/23/2012

This roundup for the week of July 20th features a post on cyber threats by Barack Obama, a new malware named Messiah targeting Iran and Israel, BYOD best security practices, a huge growth in online identity theft and some lessons learned from the recent Yahoo hack! See you what you missed this week in application security news.

Interview with Trey Ford – Black Hat 2012

If you’re a security professional, it’s very likely that you or folks you know are putting their last minute travel arrangements in place to go to Black Hat, the premier information security event happening during the week of July 21-26, 2012 in Las Vegas.

Weekly News Roundup 7/13/2012

The demand for security professionals is looking to surge: ”Ease the Need for IT Security Pros by Writing More Secure Code” by Thor Olavsrud. Today there are about 2.2 million people working as information security professionals, that number is expected to almost double to 4.25 million by 2015. and that still may not be enough to […]

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